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We Add Quality to The Timber Market

At "TRUE BLUE TIMBER" we Import, Process, Grade, Treat and Distribute a comprehensive range of Northern European Timber and EWP Products such as KD Sawn, Structural MGP10, MGP12 & F Graded Untreated or treated. We supply a variety of high-quality wood products, including European LVL, I Joist, Baltic & Larch Decking, Cladding, and FSF Grade Birch Plywood, sourced from global leaders in the industry. With Distribution Centers in Sydney and Melbourne and international Offices in Europe, our range of products have been developed to meet the needs of our market’s high expectations of quality and is being continually adjusted to keep pace in the changing marketplace.


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Our Story

With more than 60 years experience in Timber Industry "TRUE BLUE TIMBER" provides a whole range of Timber and Timber Products. Our product range has been developed to meet the needs of our client’s high expectations of quality and service. We ensure consistent, on-time and reliable supply. Our Treatment facility gives us advantage to keep up with the fast growing treated timber market.  Best Price & Quality Guarantee is our promise to our clients.

For more information and details please visit Products page or simply send your request to

Contact Us

Contact Us

Sydney: 219-225 Woodpark Road, Smithfield, NSW 2164

Melbourne: 41- 43 Palladium Circuit, Clyde North, VIC 3978  /

(02) 8607 1129  /  (03) 8751 4511

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Timber has the potential to regenerate and provide an infinite supply for future generations. Wood is recyclable, waste efficient, biodegradable and non-toxic. The timber industry has a significant role to play in continuing to harvest and replant forests ensuring they are valued and not lost to agricultural or industrial use, consequently as an industry we are planting more trees than ever before. 


True Blue Timber is committed to ensuring its products come from sustainable sources and encourages employees to broaden the practice of sustainable forestry. We manage all of our working forests in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our manufacturing facilities use wood only from responsibly managed sources. We are committed to reducing the impacts of our manufacturing facilities. We partner with our communities to create developments that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their own needs.

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